Net2Storage File Storage

Enterprise Cloud-based File Storage & Sharing Service

Net2Storage is a cloud storage, back-up, and collaboration tool made for businesses. The goal is to simplify the process of storing, synchronizing, and sharing files. Net2Storage essentially is a storage system in the cloud, which is able to conveniently sync all your devices with documents and folders you have chosen to synchronize to Net2Storage. Files and folders can be accessed via the web portal, Windows and Mac desktop client, as well as devices with the android or iPhone/iPad app installed.

File Storage & Sharing for Businesses

Net2Storage can be utilized in a variety of ways for businesses even if only used on a personal level. By simpily utilizing Net2Storage as a file storage and back-up solution, businesses can be resassured that their documents can be recovered in the case of lost equipment or mistakened file edits. Net2Storage cloud servers are secure storage units that also store up to 10 version history restore points. Thus allowing for safe recovery or restoration of corporate files and documents. If the end-users choose to install the Net2Storage client onto multiple devices, the same files and folders can be synchronized accross devices in the same way as well by connecting to the Net2Storage cloud server.

Sharing and collaboration capabilities are also key features of Net2Storage. Attaching files to emails or passing around storage drives may create clutter with multiple versions, versions, and document attachments. Creating a central corporate server and managing read & write access levels can also be cumbersome. Thus, sharing files internally with the right people and departments within the company can become increasingly complicated the bigger your business grows. Net2Storage seeks to solve this issue by creating Team Folders to allow file sharing and folder sharing among those within your organization, and allowing individual users the ability to easily control who and how they choose to share access level to. File sharing can also be done through share links to the files or folders online, thus removing the need for file attachments.

Net2Storage File Sharing

Net2Storage Pricing

Payment Method Original Price Promotional Price
100GB (includes 5 User Accounts) Monthly $34 $13
Annual $344 $144
Additional User Accounts Monthly $2.50 $1.50
Annual $24 $12