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Net2Mail Premium Email Hosting

Net2Mail is one of CHT Global's new enterprise solutions being offered. Brought over from Taiwan's HiNet, CHT Global is offering the best webmail system being used in Taiwan by thousands of enterprise customers. Armed with Symantec Anti-virus and IronPort Spam filtering, Net2Mail is the enterprise ready emailing hosting service that can really help enterprises become more efficient and effective by blocking out unwanted intrusions. With collaboration tools, reliablity guarantees, and scalability options, Net2Mail can help enterprises reach the next level.

Hosting enterprise email internally and in-house can be a complicated and daunting process. Small and medium sized businesses will find that the time and money needed to invest in building and maintaining an in-house email hosting system infrastructure can be a great drain on resources.

CHT Global’s experience as a dedicated telecommunications provider to leading global enterprises makes it uniquely suited to supply a solution which depends not only on communication capabilities, but also on data storage security. Built upon CHT Global’s datacenters located worldwide and its global infrastructure, the Net2Mail Email Hosting Solution provides unparalleled consistency and protection. Enterprises will be able to reap the instant rewards from timely messages sent and received, and alieviate all the worries associated with system management and maintenance.

Key Features

  • Multi-Language Interface
  • Supports SSL & TLS encrypted SMTP, POP, & IMAP connection
  • Webmail or Outlook Retrieval
  • IronPort Spam Filtering
  • Symantec Virus Protection
  • Digital Fax Capabilities


  • Reliability: Disaster preventions established in power supply, cooling, and security
  • Cost-Effective: Lowest per account prices around
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Collaborate with ease with shared calendars and folders
  • Guaranteed Protection: Block out debilitating viruses before they get in

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