Net2Mail Digital Fax

Net2Mail Digital Fax Engine

Faxing is still one of the most reliable communication mediums, however it lacks in a lot of flexibility. New technologies such as scanning and email are slowly replacing the traditional usages of fax, but how do we bridge the old with the new? The solution: Net2Mail's Digital Fax Engine. The service allows for fax messages sent your dedicated fax phone number to be converted into a digital file and then received in any number of Email inboxes of your choosing.

Key Features

  • Receive Fax Digitally
  • Archive Received Messages in Webmail
  • Paperless for Conservation


  • Cost Saving: Reduce the need for fax machine repairs, toner cartridge replacement, and paper usage
  • Conservation of the Environment: Lowest per account prices around
  • Mobility: Take your faxes on the go!
  • Archival: Organize and keep all inbound fax messages for the future