JustConnect! Voice Services

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For Small Businesses and Those on the Go

JustConnect! is a Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP solution with local DID provided that utilizes the CHT Global VoIP phone adapter along with any analog phone to provide inbound and outbound phone calls anywhere that you can access broadband internet.


JustConnect! VoIP allows for small businesses, telecommuters, and those operating out of remote offices to cut the costs that come from expensive land lines by utilizing the internet as a gateway for others to reach you. Users will receive unlimited free inbound calls and have the option to take advantage of the highly competitive long distance and global calling rates that are available. It only costs $0.025 per minute to make an outbound call to anywhere in the US and Canada, and only $0.02 to make an outbound call to landlines in Taiwan and China! These rates remain the same no matter where you’re calling from: San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, or even Shanghai in China or Melbourne in Australia!

Key Features

  • Inbound Caller ID Display
  • Call Screening
  • DND - Do Not Disturb
  • One Number Follow Me
  • Call Forwarding when Unavailable (a.k.a. Network Availability Number)
  • Miss Call e-mail notification
  • Low Cost Local, Long Distance, and Global calling rates
  • Customer Service Support in both English and Mandarin Chinese