Net2Asia Calling Card

Clear and Consistent International Calling

Whether your looking to connect with your relatives and friends across the ocean, or you just need a cost effective solution for long distance business calls, CHT Global's aims to give you the best dedicated telecommunications service available. CHT Global's signature Net Calling Card "Net2Asia" is the perfect combination of quality and ease of use. Powered by CHT Global's global network infrastructure and robust voice messaging systems, Net2Asia is able to provide high quality voice transaction that is both clear and remarkably reliable. In addition, Net2Asia is built to serve our users and their needs by simplying the process of calling long distances

International Calling Just Got Easier

Net2Asia simplifies the calling process by doing away with the cumbersome calling card, the traditional long pin number needed to access the long distance portal. By opening an Net2Asia online account, users will be able to setup access phones for their account so that when dialing from their phones, Net2Asia will recognize the number and instantly verify it, thus bypassing the need to enter a pin. In addition, users will be able to input speed-dial into their account address book. Long gone are the days of inputting long international numbers, instead, just press two or less numbers to speed dial your favorite people.

The Universal Phone Card

Assuming you're an international long distance caller, the probability that you're an international roamer is pretty high too. CHT Global's Net2Asia Net Calling Card also allows for easy access from over 30 countries worldwide so that you can still benefit from the superior long distance calls from anywhere in the world.

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