Integrated Voice and Data

Integrated T1 Service

CHT Global Net2VIP is an Integrated T1 Service designed for small and medium size businesses looking for a simple plan for both voice and data needs. The bundled T1 service combines your Internet Access, Local Voice, and Long Distance on a single circuit. Regardless if your current system is analog KSU or digital PBX (Trunk or PRI), Net2VIP can provide an Integrated T1 Service that meets your specific needs.

Spend Less, Gain More

CHT Global Net2VIP bundles voice and data service into the same T1 lines so you contact a single provider and receive a single bill for all business-class services of Internet, Local Voice, and Long Distance. With CHT Global Net2VIP Service, you save on average 50% on regular telecommunications expenses and optimize bandwidth speeds as opposed to traditional DSL service. You can enjoy six voice lines or 23/24 ch PRI/Trunk and 1.5 Mb of full T1 high speed Internet access. In addition, you gain 1,500 free minutes of local 1, 2, and zum 3 calling per line or 36k minutes per T-1 in California.

Dynamic Allocation of Bandwidth

CHT Global Net2VIP Service ensures the optimization of bandwidth utilization where voice has first priority to guarantee the voice quality. With Net2VIP’s IP dynamic bandwidth technology, you can now enjoy higher voice quality and data speed compared to traditional Time Division Multiplex (TDM) technology.