Global EZ-VPN

EZ-VPN and its Basics

EZ-VPN is CHT Global's back-up solution for its Global MPLS-VPN. Customers who choose to use MPLS-VPN will have the option to add some insurance in the case there is connection failure from the customer site to CHT Global's MPLS-VPN infrastructure.

EZ-VPN utilizes the internet while using IP-Sec technology to provide a round about re-routing technology that will provide customers an added sense of peace by strengthening the weakest connection point, thus ensuring optimal communication transmission at all times.


EZ VPN can be used as the perfect back-up to guarantee a full proof solution for your CHT Global MPLS-VPN network solution. In the case that the T1-IPVPN is blocked, or in other words if the local loop connecting you to the MPLS backbone fails, data communication can be re-routed by CHT Global's EZ-VPN to provide the robust network enterprises need.