A Global Vision

CHT Global has long been known for its Dedication to Communication. CHT Global also seeks to be the leading driver of the global telecommunications agenda, bringing the best data and communications solution to our global enterprise customers across the world.

The name "CHT Global" was created to symbolize its identity of CHT's (Chunghwa Telecom) global arm, establishing the global presence of Taiwan's biggest telecommunications provider. Since its establishment in 2002, CHT Global has achieved its vision by building bridges for US-American corporations seeking to cross the transpacific divide, already having serviced the worlds largest computer component manufacturers and other enterprises seeking to establish a presence in the US and as well as Asia.

Here at CHT Global, we understand the need for enterprises to grow not only domestically, but also globally. It's our vision to be the best global solutions provider for enterprises making the leap onto the global stage, as well as innovate better solutions for those already established multinational corporations. Find out today how CHT Global is making the "Global" agenda our own, and we'll figure out how we can best serve you and bring your dreams a reality.