CHT Global Enhances its MPLS IP-VPN Solution with Traffic Quality Management

Includes its premier network monitoring system: CQM (Customer Quality Management) as part of standard global enterprise MPLS-VPN package.

SAN JOSE, CA--(PRWEB - August 31, 2011) - CHT Global, the US and global arm of Fortune 500 member Chunghwa Telecom, Co., Ltd., announces the enhancement of its MPLS-VPN service by now including their premier network traffic monitoring dashboard CQM as part of the standard service package. CQM, or “Customer Management System,” is a web-based network monitoring system that allows CHT Global’s MPLS clients to monitor their own network health and diagnose bandwidth problem areas

CQM measures network strength based upon bandwidth availability, latency, and packet loss ratio. The data is pulled from connection data to the client’s many MPLS site locations and consolidated into the system to allow for data manipulation and analysis. Thus, IT teams will be able to accelerate their troubleshooting process and maintain business continuity. The CQM system also has additional features upon request such as the option to measure usage levels of application types such as ERP, video, voice, etc. In this way, the MPLS IP-VPN can be better configured with CoS and QoS to maximize utilization of a company’s MPLS resources through CHT Global.

The key features of the web-based network monitoring system interface is its secure login, easy to read graphical display charts, and the direct contact window to CHT Global’s NOC team. In addition to the live network quality monitoring, trouble ticket submissions through the portal can also be tracked for live updates of solution status. All these features in CQM will be available for all CHT Global MPLS-VPN customers.

“CHT Global and Chungwha Telecom pride ourselves on our ability to provide the services that our customers want and need to run their businesses. Our dedication to telecommunication services that satisfy and empower our customers is what sets us apart” said Joe Yang, President and CEO of CHT Global, “so we’re definitely excited to offer our customers another service that will greatly benefit them.”

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About CHT Global
CHT Global (Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc.) is a global telecommunication solutions provider. As the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Taiwan’s largest telecom, Chunghwa Telecom Co., LTD. (NYSE: CHT), CHT Global has helped numerous multinational enterprises achieve their targeted goals while reducing customer side complexity by providing industry leading multi-site network solutions through its global backbone infrastructure and world-class service.