CHT Global Launches Net2Compute Cloud Computing Solution

Leverages Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Center Technology

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - February 1, 2011) - CHT Global (Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc.) officially launches today with its first North American cloud computing solution: Net2Compute. Leveraging Savvis' leading Savvis Symphony Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) cloud computing technology, Net2Compute will provide CHT Global's enterprise customers the ability to self-provision their own enterprise-class virtual private data centers (VPDC) through simple drag-and-drop options in their very own web interface portal. The platform also features one of the industry's first cloud computing solutions with multi-tiered quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities and leading service-level agreement (SLA) policies that will help enterprises meet the requirements needed to shift to the cloud.

The Net2Compute solution is designed to be optimized for enterprise applications needs, providing customers with the ability to customize their own VPDCs according to their unique requirements just as if they would in a physical data center. The data center services range from virtual server instances, multi-tier storage, firewall security, redundant bandwidth, and load balancing -- all tied in leading SLA policies. At the same time, provisioning and deployment of a full virtual data center takes just an hour -- as opposed to days for a physical data center -- allowing enterprises faster time-to-market and quick modifications for scaling due to usage spikes.

"We are excited to partner with Savvis, the industry's leading cloud infrastructure-as-a-service and web hosting provider, and to provide our customers with the very best in cloud computing solutions," said Joe Yang, President of CHT Global. "By pairing up Savvis' cloud technology and expertise with CHT Global's existing customer-focused managed service solutions, multinational corporations will now be able to reduce costs, accelerate design and deployment, and scale effortlessly while smoothly making the transition to cloud computing.

"The biggest concerns of enterprise customers are the security and reliability of cloud computing services," Yang continued. "With Net2Compute, customers can rest assured that both characteristics are realized through the advanced and robust technology that is packaged in enterprise-ready, multi-tiered profile policies. We're bridging the future with today in terms of enterprise solutions."

According to Bryan Doerr, chief technology officer at Savvis, users of VPDC who have tried mass market cloud solutions will notice significant differences. "Savvis Symphony VPDC is designed to cater specifically to enterprise needs, from security to performance," Doerr said. "We are excited to partner with CHT Global and reach even more end-users with our industry-leading, enterprise-class cloud computing solution."

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