About Us

CHT Global in a NutShell

CHT Global is an abbreviation for Chunghwa Telecom Global, which in Chinese is: 中華電信全球. Currently located in sunny California's technology hub, the Silicon Valley, CHT Global's main focus is servicing the many multinational corporations seeking better telecommunication solutions.

CHT Global is a leading provider of global network solutions and world-class services to multi-national corporations and domestic enterprises worldwide.   Through its strong global network infrastructure and innovative total solution services, CHT Global has helped numerous global companies grow and expand while reducing customer cost and communication complexity.        

Established in 2002, CHT Global is the US Subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecommunication company in Taiwan.  In the same way that Chunghwa Telecom is one of the most well-known brands in East Asia, CHT Global’s mission is to embody that same type of professionalism and bring it to the global stage – making the ‘global’ agenda the CHT Global agenda.

CHT Global is committed to investing in its strong infrastructure backbone for consistent and superior communication quality.  Thus, CHT Global prides itself in guaranteeing that its top SLAs will be matched in reality.   It is through this type of dedication and customer-first mentality that has made CHT Global one of the most trusted solutions providers for data communication technology to Taiwan and throughout the Asia-Pac.